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Data Management

Synergy Interactive provides the latest tools in customer data management to maximize your customer retention and leverage existing customer relationships. Utilize our customer data management services to create new cross-selling opportunities and improve return on marketing investments.

Email Append

Email append is an online customer acquisition service that helps you convert offline customers to online customers. Using only name and postal address, Synergy Interactive provides email addresses for your existing customer records in your database.

Address Standardization

Address standardization is a customer data management service that cleanses and standardizes the postal address data about your customers. Synergy Interactive standardizes every address element in your customer database creating substantial savings in delivery costs and improving the quality of your overall customer information.

Reverse Append

Reverse append is a multi-channel marketing service that provides you with the name and postal address of your online customers. For marketers with a strong web presence and extensive email list, Synergy Interactive opens up new opportunities for communication by providing a name and postal address for your online customer.

Email Change of Address

Email change of address is a customer data management service for reconnecting with lost online customers. Synergy Interactive uses your file of undeliverable or bounced email addresses to provide you with alternate or new deliverable email addresses for your online customers.

Telephone Append

Telephone Append is a multi-channel marketing service for improving the quality and accuracy of your customer information. Synergy Interactive connects the telephone number of your customer to an existing email or postal address database and allows you to develop new cross-selling marketing programs.

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